David Gundry

About Me

I do design, development and research. I make games, websites, and apps. I teach computer science. I also research applied game design in my PhD.

I have a background in linguistics doing syntactic analysis and formal semantics. In my research I study the design of applied games for scientific data collection. In other words, I get people to talk to games.

I like explicitly-typed object-oriented languages like C#, Typescript and Java, but I also use Python, Javascript, and whatever else is required. I like to write code that expresses meaning as well as function. I like to find new ways of thinking that achieve complex behaviour without becoming complicated. I also like dependancy injection.


PhD, Intelligent Games and Games Intelligence (in progress)

Department of Computer Science, University of York (2014–2022)

A PhD programme with Masters-level taught modules.

MA, Syntax and Semanics (Merit)

Department of Langauge and Linguistic Science, University of York, (2013–2014)

Formal logic, semantics, and set theory, and developing formal models for the syntactic (grammatical) study of language.

BA, Linguistics (First-class honours)

Department of Langauge and Linguistic Science, University of York 2010–2013

A smorgasbord of natural language syntax, semantics, phonetics, phonology, historical lingusitics, sociolinguistics, and the structure of Korean, British Sign Langauge, Old English, and Tolkein's Elvish.


Visting Lecturer: York St. John University

Department of Computer Science 2019-2022

Graduate Teaching Assistant: University of York

Department of Computer Science 2015-2018

Intern (PhD Placement)

Lightspeed Research Ltd., part of Kantar (Feb 2017-May 2017)

Data analysis and survey design. Development of international poll database and analytical measures. Web scraping, Microsoft Excel VBA, gamification, statistical analysis.


Academic Publications

Looking for a more accessible description of my research? Read about it here.